Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cafe Nay Nay - The Beginning

Well, I thought I would kick-off Cafe Nay Nay by telling you a little bit about the name. Nay Nay is a nickname given to me by a very special little girl who had trouble pronouncing her R's when she was learning to speak. Renee soon became Nay and then Aunt Nay Nay. I am now known to her and many others as Nay Nay.

The Cafe part of the name hopefully introduces this site as one dedicated to the love of food and wine. Food and wine has become a hobby, almost an obsession, most definitely a love of my life. This is the perfect forum for me to chat and share my experiences in what I love.

Why did I think of Cafe Nay Nay as the name for my blog? At first I was contemplating many exotic food names. Nothing felt right or rang true. But then it came to me! As it happens, a very close girlfriend gave me a gift for Christmas that inspired this very blog. Notice the wonderful inscription on a cook's best friend - a good spatula!

About Chef Nay Nay, I am not a chef - not even close. I am a self-taught cook who has a passion for food and wine. I remember baking my very first banana nut bread when I was 9 years-old, and I was hooked. I remember many summers baking pound cake and cookies with my Grandma. Through it all, cooking and baking has been the one hobby that brings me true joy. I love to share happiness with others, and nothing does it better than a bite of something scrumptious!

Where this leads me, I'm not sure. However, I am excited about the journey that I'm embarking on. I hope to meet many, but more importantly I hope to inspire others to find even a fraction of the joy in cooking, wine, and friends that I have found. My life has truly been enriched. May yours be as well! Cheers to You!


Anniemae said...

My life has been enriched by Chef Nay Nay's cooking as well. I look forward with anticipation to many more great meals and desserts!

JGF said...

I am so happy to be a part of this with you -- would you like some of us to also share some of our favorite recipes, ideas, etc?

You always have the best ideas to keep people engaged and having fun! JGF

renee said...

anniemae and jgf, thank you both for the comments! I hope to keep this interesting and fun.